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Hellberg Xstream

With Hellberg Xstream your hearing is protected while you enjoy your favourite music, web-radio station or audiobook. The headset has a unique speaker design for a great listening experience.


Bluetooth® with Multi-Point, Active listening and AM/FM radio

SYNERGY Multi-Point offers Bluetooth® wireless connectivity to two mobile phones. Make calls or stream your favourite entertainment without ever sacrificing your safety.

Multi-Point technology is perfect when you need to use both a work phone and a private phone, using one to stream music and the other to receive calls, for example.


Bluetooth earmuffs

Secure Synergy hearing protection with Bluetooth™ with A2DP Profile + Level dependent system + AM/FM Radio.

Make phone calls and stream your choice of sound entertainment without ever needing to compromise your safety. The noise suppressed boom microphone allows clear communication even in extreme high noise environments.


AM/FM Radio & Level dependent system

React allows you to listen to your favorite radio station and communicate with your col­leagues completely safe from dangerous noise.

Check out the product in 3D. Spin it around, zoom in & out to get a real feel of the product and the attention to design and details.


Professional hearing protection for everyone!

Featuring both passive and electronic earmuffs, SECURE appeals to all generations of professional users with high demands of quality, performance, technology and design.


Full range of face protection  for your every need!

Designed integration with Hellberg earmuffs and visors.
SAFE – a solution for everyone!

Check out our brand new visor carrier ”Safe 1”,
giving you a complete Visor-Muff-Combination


Welcome to Hellberg Safety

Your hearing is our largest concern at Hellberg Safety.
For 50 years our mission has been to develop and supply hearing protection and communication solutions for all people exposed to excessive noise at work.