60 Years of Silence.

Hellberg Safety celebrates 60 years of progress for personal protection. Since 1962, we have worked tirelessly to enable people to work in noisy or dangerous environments without having to worry, injure themselves or suffer from hearing loss.

Celebrating 60 years of silence.

Since 1962 we have worked tirelessly to make people able to work in noisy or hazardous environments without having to worry, getting injured or suffer from hearing loss. Our history and dedication mean that we know all about safety. Today Hellberg Safety is an international company, providing protective equipment to workers all over the world, but it all started in a family garage in a small town in Sweden.

Welcome to our digital museum and have a look at how it all started!


The early Hellberg-products was marketed and sold under the brand name ”No Noise”. They became such popular protective equipment amongst workers that eventually the name ”Popular” was added as model-name. Both No Noise and Popular lived on as product names long after the 1960's.

Hellberg was early on represented all over Europe and North America. In a product sheet from The Netherlands the photo-model perfectly represented the modern worker at the time.

The first Hellberg models called No-Noise was also available for helmet mounting. Here being marketed by one of our first retailers, Swedish AB Tegma

The Royal National Board of Occupational Safety and Health (ASS) was a Swedish authority responsible for occupational safety and health issues. ASS was established in 1949 and was headquartered in Solna. ASS were reorganized in 2001 into the Swedish Work Environment Authority (AV).​


Hellberg early understood the importance of being able to combine different PPE products without compromising with fit, comfort and safety.

Having similar climate, environment and industries as Sweden, Canada early became an important market for Hellberg. In the late 70’s Face protection is introduced to the product range and becomes an instant success with the forestry workers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Hellberg has through-out the years been partnering up with different helmet manufacturers, to make sure our hearing protectors have a perfect fit to their safety helmets.

In the 70's, many Film- and TV stars made the moustach a popular attribute, even in hearing protector data sheets


The Swedish State Railroad Company was one of the early adaptors of the new active listening technology developed by Hellberg in the late 80's. This enabled the workers to hear warning signals and other important sounds while working on the tracks, still protected from high noise

It doesn’t matter how good the protection is if it is not comfortable to wear. In the 80's, several independent surveys was made on hearing protectors, all ranking Hellberg no.1 in comfort, including one performed by the Swedish Armed Forces. And user comfort is still at the top of the list when we develop new products.

In 1985 the EPOK system was introduced. This was a revolutionary system for combining head-, face- and hearing protection in a completely seamless way. Users could easily switch between different face-shields or earmuffs, suitable to the current work task, and without needing multiple helmet.

The first Mark-series passive hearing protectors was launched together with the EPOK combination system. It featured a new connection system for helmet and visors. The Mark series was expanded in the early 90's.

Using the Concorde was very popular in all kinds of marketing by pretty much everyone at the time. Here represented on the packaging of the "Hellberg Mark X Super" earmuff.


Local, Regional and Global. These were the model-names of a series of communication headsets introduced in the mid 90’s. The headsets enabled workers to communicate in noisy environments over short-, mid- and long-range distances. This year we launched a new version of the Local-headset, check it out here

The Intego-system was a new system combining eye-, hearing- and breathing protection and was launched at the Birmingham Fair in the UK.

Commercial picture for intego
Commercial picture for intego

The Mark 8-10-12 hearing protectors had a 3 dB protection-level difference between them, following the principle that a doubling of the sound pressure represents a 3 dB increase. The 3dB steps are still being used in our current “Secure” series.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Hellberg introduced a new technology in all our active hearing protectors, called “EPS” (Electronic Protection System). It limited the built-in electronics to only reproduce sounds to a safe level of max. 82 dB. The system was lightning fast, ensuring that no peak-noise would ever reach the wearers ear through the speakers. The EPS system is still integrated in all our electronic earmuffs, with new and improved technology.

A different way of communicating our message, worked well in Italy at the time. Nevertheless, it is just as important to protect yourself during work as during your spare time!

Worker is eating his lunch and waring red hearing protection


During the 2000-2010’s Hellberg develops and launches a new series of passive hearing protectors called SECURE, which would soon become a branch standard for color coding of hearing protectors’ protection levels. In the early 10’s, electronic models are added to the Secure range, including FM-radio and active listening models, and by 2014 Hellberg´s first Bluetooth hearing protectors are introduced.

White safety helmet with attached Hellberg hearing protection
White safety helmet with attached Hellberg hearing protection


In 2018 we became part of the Hultafors Group. This lets us develop in many ways, both product and people, but also in our mission of delivering a safe working day for everyone. Today Hellberg Safety is an international company, providing protective equipment to workers all over the world. We are constantly expanding and improving our product portfolio, to give you Peace of Mind.

Head Protection from Hellberg

Hellberg Safety provides quality hearing protection and eye & face protection such as safety glasses and visors. Keeping our customers safe at work is our top priority. To cater for all relevant hearing safety needs, we produce both passive and electronic hearing protectors, as well as a range of hearing protection accessories. Features such as Bluetooth, AM/FM radio, boom microphone, active listening and two-way communication ensures that our hearing protectors create a better work environment.

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