Noise Cancelling Speech Microphone

By utilizing the dual microphone in the boom microphone as well as the active listening microphones, our hearing protectors significantly improve the speech intelligibility at the receivers’ end, even in extreme background noise.


We combine the microphones with our unique noise cancellation algorithms to provide the best noise cancellation available in a hearing protector.


How the Technology Works

  • The first microphone listens to the outside.
  • The second microphone listens to the inside – your voice.
  • The technology can determine the difference between the two microphones and understands what is noise and what is your voice.
  • The active listening microphones pick up the surrounding noise and the smart algorithm now knows what is your voice and what is surrounding noise.
  • The person at the receiver end hears your voice crystal clear with no disturbing noise signal.
Hearing protector with noise cancelling microphone