Electronic Hearing Protection

Local 446 Helmet Mount

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Local 446 Helmet Mount - 2
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  • Headset to Headset communication (PMR 446 MHz)
  • Level Dependent Active Listening microphones
  • Clear speech quality in any noise environment

Local is a headset and hearing protector, featuring a built-in communication radio that allows for two-way communication over the local jobsite. The wireless headset to headset link is ideal for short message communication on the job, increasing work-site efficiency and safety. Local does not require any external devices, such as mobile radios or cellular phones to establish a communication link thus making it the perfect solution when you need to rely on clear communication at all times to get the job done. Additionally Local offers high noise attenuation performance, a noise cancelling boom microphone for clear speech quality and Active Listening microphones for ambient awareness.


Active Listening

Two-Way Communication

Boom microphone

USB charging


Built-in Communication Radio

A com-radio is built into the hearing protector for two-way communication between an unlimited number of Local headsets.

16 Licence-Free Radio Channels (PMR 446)

Easy to get started with pre-set and licence-free channels. Compatible with other units operating on PMR 446 MHz.

Group Communication with Sub Channels

Sub channels enables multiple groups to use the same channel without disturbing each other.

Hands-Free Operation

Local features VOX (voice operated transmission) which allows for hands-free operation so that you can keep communicating while working with both hands.

Intuitive User Interface with Guide Voice

Easy operation with ergonomically designed push buttons, a guide voice that helps you with the settings and an OLED display to check the setup before starting the day’s work.

Noise Cancelling Boom Microphone

The noise-cancelling boom microphone allows clear communication even in extreme noise environments. The unique technology combined with advanced software algorithms ensure you are always heard at the receiver end, regardless of the background noise.Read more

Level Dependent Active Listening

Level-dependent microphones with Active Listening functionality in each ear cup lets you stay alert to your surroundings while still wearing your hearing protection. Communicate with your colleagues and hear warning signals and other important sounds without ever compromising your safety and hearing.Read more

USB Charging

Batteries are quickly charged with the included USB charging cable. Just plug it in to a USB source or use your mobile phone wall socket adaptor. A Hellberg wall socket adaptor is available as an accessory.

Runs on Rechargeable AA batteries

Use the included rechargeable batteries or keep an extra pair if you forgot to charge the headset.

Water- and dustproof to IP56

Tested and approved to IP56, meaning that its protected against dust and pressurized water from any direction. Ensuring uninterrupted operation in though conditions and a long lifetime.

Speakers Designed for Voice Communication

The speakers are designed with focus on excellent sound quality in the frequency range of the human voice, for clear speech intelligibility even in extreme noise environments.

Battery Power-save Function

Automatically shuts off the unit after a period of inactivity or no movement. Helps to avoid draining the battery if you forgot to turn it off at the end of the working day.

Approval Info

EN standards approval:

EN352-3, 4, 6





Environmental approvals:


Technical data

Operation temperature:

-20 °C / +55 °C

Battery type:



12 hours

Stand-by time:

20 hours

Charging time:

5 hours


547 g