Electronic Hearing Protection

Synergy MP Helmet Mount

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Synergy MP Helmet Mount - 1
Synergy MP Helmet Mount - 2
  • Pair with two phones
  • Supports voice assistants and Wideband audio
  • Approved with most popular safety helmets

Hearing protection with Multi-Point Bluetooth for phone calls and streaming. Seamless pairing with two phones. The perfect hearing protector for those who rely on phone communication in their work. Synergy offers clear speech quality during calls even in the harshest noise environments. The Active Listening microphones ensures you can hear your colleagues, warning signals and other important information without having to remove your hearing protector.




Active Listening

AM/FM Radio

Boom microphone

USB charging

3,5 mm AUX



Bluetooth® offers wireless connection to your mobile phone. Easy set-up and seamless connection. Make phone calls and stream your choice of sound entertainment without ever needing to compromise your safety. Read more


Multi-point technology lets you pair two phones at the same time. Perfect when you need to use both a work phone and a private phone, for example using one to stream music and the other to receive calls.

Voice assistant support

Supports Apple SIRI and Google Assistant. Activate the function and control the music playback or phone call with your voice.

Wideband/HD Voice support

Features Wideband Audio technology or HD Voice, which enhances telephone audio quality (if supported by your network operator).

Noise cancelling boom microphone

The noise-cancelling boom microphone allows clear communication even in extreme noise environments. The unique technology combined with advanced software algorithms ensure you are always heard at the receiver end, regardless of the background noise.

USB charging

Batteries are quickly charged with the included USB charging cable. Just plug it in to a USB source or use your mobile phone wall socket adaptor.

Level Dependent Active Listening

Level-dependent microphones with Active Listening functionality in each ear cup lets you stay alert to your surroundings while still wearing your hearing protection. Communicate with your colleagues, and hear warning signals and other important sounds without ever compromising your safety and hearing. Read more

AM/FM Radio

Latest generation AM/FM radio for an exceptional listening experience even in poor reception areas.

Battery power-save function

Automatically shuts off the unit after a period of inactivity. Helps to avoid draining the battery if you forgot to turn it off at the end of the working day.

Quick and easy helmet mounting

The helmet-mounted hearing protector is the ideal choice for any work that requires head- and hearing protection. Equipped with a 30 mm attachment blade, the hearing protector is mounted on to your helmet within seconds.

Approval Info

EN standards approval:

EN352-3, 4, 6, 8





ANSI approval:

ANSI S-3.19-1974



CSA approval:

CSA Z94.2-02

CSA Class:


Environmental approvals:


Technical data

Operation temperature:

-20 °C / +55 °C

Battery type:



62 hours

Bluetooth® version:

4.1, A2DP 1.3, HSP 1.2, HFP 1.5


489 g

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