Peace of Mind.

Work can be risky business and test the limits of human abilities, body, and senses. At Hellberg, we make well-considered personal protective equipment, and in everything we do we aim to instil confidence and trust in our users, both on and off work. Giving them Peace of Mind.

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We make products for workers committed to professional excellence and personal wellbeing.

All Hellberg products brings together state-of-the-art technology with impeccable user experience and quality. We turn to the latest advances in science and tech to perfect protective equipment and we design products that users want to put on and keep on. We believe Peace of Mind makes way for a better workday and a greater quality of life in general.


60 years of advancing personal protection.

Since 1962 we have worked tirelessly to make people able to work in noisy or hazardous environments without having to worry, getting injured or suffer from hearing loss. Our dedication means that we know all about safety. But as a Swedish company, we also know that product design and technology is equally important in order to maintain safety. Because it doesn’t matter how good the protection is if it is not comfortable on your head or if it stops you from hearing or seeing what you need to hear and see. It must feel perfect, because protective equipment is useless if it is not used.

60 years of advancing personal protection.

Smiling lady with hearing protection and safety glasses standing stright up

Many take our senses for granted. We don’t.

The development towards our advanced protective products is a result of long research and a deep understanding of how fragile and sensitive our senses are. No one should risk damaging their hearing or sight, neither at work nor at home. Over the years, we have developed research and educational programs to increase the knowledge about how our senses work, and how to protect them. And as experts, we disseminate our knowledge and help our users finding the perfect protection for their work task. By developing products with high quality materials and premium design, as well as easy operation and high comfort, we welcome our users to experience the world of Peace of Mind.

Unleash the full power of you Local 2 headset

With the Hellberg SafetyHub app, you can control the Local 2 directly from the app. Create workgroups with unique channels and settings, allow or limit certain functions, set rules and conditions for workgroups. Available for iPhone and Andriod devices.

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